hydro350 VA162495

H-32  “Octane Strategies-C’est la Vie!” Press release

Due to a conflict with his professional agenda as a Lawyer, Sylvain Dorais will let the Crew Chief for the team, Annick Leger drive the famous blue boat this weekend at the regatta in Cambridge Maryland.

So it has been a short retirement period for the driver of the H-21 Supernova who took the third place in the HRL 2016 Championship. Sylvain explains; “We cannot afford to miss one race if we hope to be a factor in the Championship race.” Mechanical problems in Long Sault last year sent them down to 13th place in the Championship even if they team preformed well in Valleyfield last summer. As the Kamikaze Lawyer says,“ We have a lot of confidence in Yannick Leger as a driver and with the improvements we made on the H-32 this spring we are expecting good results.”

As for Yannick Leger, he is overjoyed with the idea of driving a hydroplane again in the H-350 class. Yannick says, “ With engines from Primeau Performance , the Dorais family’s H-32 is one of the best in HRL and I have the firm intention to show that to the spectators that will be in Maryland on the weekend.” In his eight years of competition it is the first time that Sylvain Dorais gives up his seat to another driver. He should be back in the driver’s seat in Gananoque this coming June 3rd and 4th .



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