GP-21 Supernova (1)


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Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, December 18, 2019. – After announcing his retirement last September, Campivallensien (Valleyfield) driver Yannick Léger took the plunge into the Grand Prix class aboard the GP-21 Supernova.

A short break for Yannick Léger

After confirming his presence in the Grand Prix class, Yannick Léger confided in saying: “Since I was little, I have had the dream of driving a Grand Prix class hydroplane. A dream that I hoped for without believing that it would come true. For me the Grand Prix class is the F1 of powerboat racing, the ultimate goal for a driver and a great achievement in a career. Passion and my childhood dream have taken over, so I’ll be back for 2020. ”

The GP-21 will have a gasoline engine

HRL is currently working on the development of a new engine program. The addition of this program will offer Grand Prix class teams an alternative to supercharged engines.

“We are very pleased to announce a new gasoline engine program for the Grand Prix class boats” said the commissioner of the Hydroplane Racing League, Didier-Bernard Séguin.

This addition should be advantageous for the teams since it requires less preparation and maintenance time in addition to obtaining similar performance. In addition to the cost of acquisition and maintenance being lower than the supercharged engine this will allow accessibility to the Grand Prix class for several new teams.

The GP-21Supernova, owned by Hydroplanes Valleyfield, will be the first HRL hydroplane to have a gasoline engine.

The hydroplane

The GP-21 boat is actually the old GP-57 driven by Jack Lupton. The hydroplane was built in 2008 at Henderson Workshops and refurbished in 2012 when the sponsons were changed. The boat is currently in Bert Henderson’s workshop in preparation for the 2020 season.

As mentioned by the driver of the boat,”The GP-21 Supernova team’s objectives will notably be to get acquainted with the new boat and to work hard towards the success of the engine project and to take advantage of this opportunity to improve the performance of the GP-21 and that of the driver.”


IMG_2276Didier-Bernard Séguin, Yannick Léger, Marco Therrien, Yves Primeau and Michel Poirier were there to announce a second Quebec driver in the Grand Prix class for the 2020 season.