Gagnants 2-5 litres (1 of 1)

Denis Bourbonnais – Journal Saint-François

Dominic Demers, in the 2.5-liter class, rookie Max Acierno (Formula 2500) and Kent Henderson (Hydro 350) were the winners of the Sunday finals at the Long Sault Regatta (Ontario) on the outskirts of Cornwall.

Valleyfield driver Dominic Demers led the final form beginning to end

aboard the 2.5-liter “Wave Dancer” S-44, eclipsing Richard Wilhelm (S-404) by more than 6 seconds at the finish line. Ryan Slate (S-49), Simon Fortin (S-199) and Maxime Lemieux (S-912) held the subsequent positions as mechanical problems prevented Alex Tremblay (S-29) from completing the race.

On the firstl start, two of the favorites collided in the second turn. Yves Villeneuve (S-6) hooked and Jean-François Latour (S-8) could not avoid running into him. Both drivers came out of the accident without serious injury.

In Formula 2500, rookie Max Acierno impressed the spectators in his second weekend in the Hydroplane Racing League and triumphed in the final at the helm of the Miss Jesel F-3. The Sayville (N.Y.) driver who had previously been the winner of the 2B qualifier, trailed Salaberry-de-Valleyfield driver Marc Lalonde by 3 seconds at the wheel of the F-751 “Lalo Racing”. The latter had been the winner of qualification 2A earlier in the afternoon.

Tyler Kaddatz (F-519) completed the podium while Grant Hearn (F-14) and Frédéric Couturier (F-313) followed at the finish. Bobby King (H-92), who had the inside lane after qualifying, was unable to leave the pits.

Two accidents in as many starts in the 2B event. Tom Huganir (F-69) ran into John Shaw (F-33) who hooked in front of him in the first turn and Scott Liddycoat (F-63) had a breakage that caused severe loss of control. The 3 drivers escaped unharmed but the boats were heavily damaged.

In Hydro 350, Kent Henderson often keeps the best for the end and that’s what he did in Sunday’s final winning by more than 4 seconds in the “Team Toban” H-777. The driver from Brockville, Ont., Was ahead of Bobby King (H-242), who was able to stay in front of Nicolas Rousse (H-799), who got a second podium this season.

Dylan Runne (H-12), Donny Allen (H-14), Richard Haineault (H-2) and Yannick Léger (H-21) followed one another at the finish line while Michael Tremblay (H-8) was forced to abandon. Yannick Léger, who got a good start in lane 2 could not see his way through turn one after the start as he got showered down which pushed him to the back of the pack.

In the aftermath of Ghislain Marcoux’s flip in the “Bad Influence” H-79, it was Andrew Tate’s turn to make a 360-degree flip at the helm of the “Penzoil” H-300 at the initial start of the qualification. 2A. Karl St-Vincent (H-37) also took flight on the previous lap before falling back on his sponsons. The two drivers were not injured in these incidents.

The HRL circuit continues its activities on June 22 and 23 in Saint-Félicien in Lac Saint-Jean.