HRL is pleased with the announcement made by Mario Blain concerning the sale of the GP-757. As the businessman from McMasterville stated on his Facebook Page ” Quite a few teams showed a lot of interest in the boat but it was always our number one goal that the Hydroplane remain on the HRL Circuit.
The discussions had already begun only a few short days after informing his fans of his decision to retire from racing. So it is the former owners, Lyne Mayer and Marcel Brossard from Toiture N. Legault that are now the owners once again of the GP-757.
A few weeks ago, after the end of the HRL season, Daoust went to get the GP-101 in Louisiana. The puzzle was almost solved for the distribution of hydroplanes in the Grand Prix fleet. However, this changes the plans initially put in place by the HRL committee.
 “After collaborating over the past few months with Ms. Mayer and Mr. Brossard from Toiture N. Legault, we are happy to be able to continue the adventure with them and are very happy to be teaming up with them. In addition, I would like to thank the HRL league for its openness to the situation. We were already happy to be able to race with the GP-101 in 2018 , but we are sure that another driver will be happy to take it over “, said Mathieu Daoust.
Thus, it is the driver from Delaware, Brandon Kennedy who will inherit the GP-101. The details for his taking possession of the hydroplane will be settled shortly.
Everything suggests that the two young drivers have made good deals by taking charge of these hydroplanes, very efficient and competitive. The HRL Champion of the 2017 Grand Prix season, Bert Henderson, will not have an easy task next year.
The number of entries in this prestigious class will therefore reach its peak again in light of the 2018 season to the delight of its fans who will undoubtedly have a breathtaking show during the HRL league races.




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