JF Latour-21

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, le december 11th 2019. — Dominic Billette and Jean-François Latour will have their place in 2,5 liters.

The 2,5 liters class will be able to count on two more competitors next season at the

powerboat events of the Hydroplane Racing League.

Dominic Billette, a native of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, returns to HRL racecourses after an absence of a few years and will be at the helm of the «All In» S-22, a boat he built with his own hands at his home in the municipality Les Cedres.

Billette had been thinking about returning to the circuit for some time and had lent his

hydroplane to Jean-François Latour at the Regates de Valleyfield last July. Being

deprived of his boat, «The Joker», which was involved in an accident at the Long Sault

Regatta (Ontario) in June, he ran with the number «S-8» on Dominic Billette’s rented

hydroplane in the 81st edition of the classic presented on baie Saint-François.

The season ended at the Valleyfield rendezvous for Campivallensien (Valleyfield

resident) Jean-François Latour because major repairs had to be made on the «Joker», a

hull with which Dominic Maisonneuve had previously won the Formula 2500

championship as «Le bateau sans nom» F-109.

This week it was decided that a major restoration will be carried out on this boat which

will be equipped with a new safety capsule. In addition, new sponsons molded at

Henderson’s Brockville (Ontario) workshop will replace the aging sponsons on the

hydroplane that was heavily damaged in Long Sault. Jean-François Latour will

contribute himself to the work that will be done on the «Joker».

As for the Hydro 350 class, Eric McKenna will benefit from an upgrade to his boat, «La

Bête Noire» H-999, which was built in the late 1990s for Norman Ensbury. New

sponsons will be installed on the raceboat,  extending its life by several years.