Three races, two flips, and it’s over

Denis Bourbonnais – Journal Saint-François

The Régates de Saint-Félicien have passed like a tempest this weekend in Lac Saint-Jean.

Winds of 25 to 30 km / h, driven by gusts up to 45 km / h, forced the cancellation of the majority of the scheduled hydroplane races for the 14th edition of the event.

The day after the 22 Saturday races were cancelled, there were only three starts early Sunday morning. At a time when conditions were a bit more favorable on the Ashuapmushuan River, a 2.5-liter class and two other Formula 2500 races were contested. These events however, were marked by two flips, which forced the officials to interrupt the schedule again.

The directors of Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) then made the proposal to hold individual timed trials in the Grand Prix and Hydro 350 classes. Mother Nature refused to collaborate and even more threatening winds ended the races for good. 

Campivallensian (Valleyfield)driver Marc Lalonde flipped on the initial start of the 1A event at the controls of the Lalo Racing F-751. The driver and the boat escaped without significant injury or damage.

On the restart of race 1A, it was Bobby King’s turn to lose control of his craft, the “Tenacity” F-92, at the same place at the entrance to the first turn. Like Marc Lalonde, the Michigan driver quickly got out of his upside down boat and the boat owned by Alfred Thompson suffered little damage.

Steve Armstrong, on board the Busted Prop Racing F-69, was declared the winner of the 1A event which had three laps completed when Bobby King’s flip occurred. Max Acierno (F-3), Tommy Shannon (F-4) and Marc Théorêt (F-444) followed at the finish line.

In Race 1B, the young Grant Hearn (F-14) won in front of Tyler Kaddatz (F-519) and John Shaw (F-33) while Frédéric Couturier (F-313), Philippe Billette (F-7) ) and Guillaume Charette (F-63) were unable to start.

Derek Demers won the only event in the 2.5-liter class at the helm of the Wave Dancer S-44. He was ahead of Richard Wilhelm (S-404), Mathis-Gabriel Chiasson (S-16), Alex Tremblay (S-29), Maxime Lemieux (S-912) and Simon Fortin (S-199).

The next leg of the Hydroplane Racing League will be held in Brockville, Ontario on June 29-30.