The Hydroplane Racing League HRL will honor the memory of Mathieu Daoust at the Regates de Valleyfield.

A few days before the start of the 81st Regatta in Valleyfield, the most prestigious race on the circuit HRL wants to revisit the tragic events that took place in Brockville and invites the population to commemorate the life of Mathieu Daoust next weekend.

The organization first wishes to reiterate its condolences to the family and loved ones of driver, Mathieu Daoust, who lost his life at the wheel of GP-9 Miss Cleopatra on June 30th at the 1000 Islands Regatta & Festival, Brockville, Ontario.

Mr. Didier-Bernard Séguin, HRL Chairman of the Board who was present at the event would like to thank and underline the professionalism and support shown by the race teams, the drivers, the officials and the first responders. “The pain from this loss we mourn as an organization,” he says. HRL is a big family. All the drivers and their relatives know each other and meet each other every weekend. ”

Good race conditions

The last week was filled with questions for HRL. Indeed, since the last fatal accident that shook the regatta world in 1991, the organization has put several measures in place to enhance safety inside the cockpit of our drivers. However, in a qualifying event in the Grand Prix class, Mathieu Daoust was the victim of a loss of control that projected him into the trajectory of GP-57 Miss New Zealand and driver Jack Lupton who could not avoid the collision.

We are talking here about two experienced drivers, Jack, who despite his young age, has been racing on International Hydroplane Racing circuits for more than 6 years, and Mathieu who was in his 8th season.

Six races in various classes had been completed before the accident. It is on this basis that an investigation has been opened to determine causes and solutions. Both boats remain in Brockville for this purpose and HRL will examine with great interest each of the recommendations that will result.

Tribute to Mathieu Daoust – GP-9

The Regates de Valleyfield will take place from July 12th to the14th and several initiatives have been put in place to honor the campivallensian (Valleyfield) driver. Mathieu was a passionate athlete and was waiting for this event – like many other drivers – with impatience.

At a latter date the Hydroplane Racing League will put in place a permanent tribute to honor GP-9 driver Mathieu Daoust. The League will evaluate all the possibilities so that this honor is dignified and representative of the Quebec Grand Prix class driver.

A tribute to Robert Theoret had been prepared for several months to mark the death at the age of 76 of the driver who has marked a generation of Hydroplane enthusiasts. The Régates de Valleyfield organization created a button that it planned to sell during the event. Following the tragedy, the Théorêt family stated that the funds raised would be used to create an educational fund for Béatrice and Raphaël the children of Mathieu and Jessica.

Then on Friday morning before the start of the race program, a minute of silence will be observed in the drivers’ memory. On Saturday, July 13th at 9 AM, all Hydroplanes will run their engines for a minute to remind them that the GP-9 will always be with them. Pit Pass holders will be able to attend this moment which will be filled with emotions. On Sunday, before the final in the Grand Prix class, the crowd will be invited to take a moment of recollection.

Finally, during each evening show the host will invite festival-goers to take a moment to think about Mathieu and those close to him. An image will then be shown on the giant screens.

Mathieu Daoust was a real ambassador of sport who never hesitated to communicate his passion to the fans. He held an important place in the Hydroplane Racing League and will continue to occupy it through the many memories that every member of the HRL family shares with him.