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Find all of the action of the 2016 season of the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) in one place: the league’s YouTube channel presents exclusive quality videos daily.

In collaboration with Hydroplane Québec, the HRL broadcasts a new video everyday, so that fans can follow each weekend of competition and learn more about the drivers and their team.

For over two months now, the webcasting coordinator and community manager at Hydroplane Québec, Steven Duguay, creates content for a wide audience, along with his colleagues: “We try to diversify our posts so that new fans and long-time enthusiasts alike can enjoy the channel, he explains. It is essentially divided in three sections; the races, interviews and live stream.”

The races

The video team is on-site for most of the dates on the HRL calendar in order to get footage from the races. A montage of the highlights is then uploaded a few days after the competition.

Moreover, the experts pick the most memorable races from each weekend and broadcast them in their entirety, so that each hard-fought battle, spectacular victory and breathtaking moment are immortalized.

The interviews

“Our interviews with the drivers give the viewers an intimate look on the hydroplane racing world and what it takes to be a part of it”, mentions Steven Duguay.

Two types of interviews are available. In the first one, the team meets with the driver in his or her shop for an in-depth discussion on what this demanding sport represents on a day-to-day basis. The second one happens in the pits, where the immediate reactions of the drivers are caught on camera. “Hydroplane racing is a very emotional sport in which anything can happen, says the coordinator, excitedly. We are there to get authentic and sincere comments from the drivers.”

Live streaming

The HRL live streams each race on its YouTube channel. Located as close as possible to the starting line, the camera continuously films every single heat, from the first qualification to the finals, in each of the four classes. It is the best way to never miss the action, regardless of where it is held.

“No other media presents this type of content in North America, mentions Steven Duguay. A lot of effort and time is put on delivering a product that is very close to what could be seen on television.”

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