Grand Prix

Tommy Shannon, in 2.5 liters, Dylan Runne (Formula 2500), Bobby King (Hydro 350) and Mathieu Daoust (Grand Prix) took the honors in the finals of the last competition of the season in the Hydroplane Racing League Sunday at the 12th Beauharnois Regatta.

Shannon and Runne were also crowned 2018 Champions while Kent Henderson, in Hydro 350, and Brandon Kennedy, in the Grand Prix class, won the title in their respective classes.

In Beauharnois in the 2.5-liter class it was Tommy Shannon who secured the Championship in the third qualifying round on Sunday morning aboard the S-4 “Valleyfield Auto Parts”, continuing his domination in the fnal.

Frédéric Couturier, the only competitor who had a chance to catch Shannon for the championship had good battles with the eventual champion throughout the weekend and he even got the best of Shannon in the 3A qualification. In the end, the lead was too much and Shannon won by 42 points.

In the final and the championship, Frédéric Couturier can still be proud of his place on the second step on the podium. The same goes for Philippe-Hervé Cardinal who completed the campaign with a 3rd place in the final at Beauharnois and total points in 2018.

In Sunday’s final race, Derek Demers finished 4th at the wheel of the S-44 “Wave Dancer”, followed by Richard Wilhelm (S-404), André Bergeron (S-18), Stephane Joannette (S-107) and Ryan Slate (S-49).

Daoust triumphs in Grand Prix

In the Grand Prix class, Mathieu Daoust thriled the crowd gathered at Parc Bourcier by triumphing in the final at the controls of “Miss Cleopatra” GP-9. The driver from Valleyfield (Campivalllensian) put the sponsons of his hydroplane out in front at the exit of the first turn and he led the final from one end to the other resisting the onslaught of veteran Mike Monahan who took 2nd place in the “TM Special” GP-35.

Andrew Tate put an end to the mechanical difficulties of Hearn Motorsports GP-14 and finished the podium in front of Tom Thompson (GP-525). Bert Henderson attempted a comeback but a brief loss of control of the GP-777 “Steeler” in turn 2 sent him into a buoy and a penalty set the Brockville Ontario back to fifth-place. Jos Sovie was forced to stop in “Miss New Zealand”.

Brandon Kennedy, who clinched the Championship in his first outing on Saturday, was forced out of the final when his “Team H8 Cancer” GP-25 hull was damaged during the 3A qualification Sunday.

2nd win for Dylan Runne

In the Formula 2500, Dylan Runne was crowned champion being impressive in the final at the wheel of the “Miss Jesel” S-3. In the final the surprising Marc Lalonde, who found himself on the podium in his second weekend in the HRL even if driving restrictions forced him to take all his starts on the outside in the “Lalo racing” F-751 acquired from Guillaume Charette.

Tom Huganir (F-69), Jean-François Latour (F-8), Marc Théorêt (F-135), Yves Villeneuve (F-6) and Tyler Kaddatz (F-519) took the subsequent positions in the final. In the Championship, Dylan Runne has 31 points ahead of Bobby King (Tenacity F-92), who stayed on top until the last frace of the season to finish tied for second place with the Steve Armstrong / Tom Huganir duo (F -69).

Unbelievable way to finish in Hydro 350

The Hydro 350 class led to an incredible end to the season when championship leaders Rémy Leblanc (AllardMé H-799) and Douglas Rapp (Bad Influence H-79) suffered irreparable damage to their boats during qualifying. Saturday. These damages opened the door to Kent Henderson who took the title in the “Team Toban” H-777.

Rémy Leblanc and his teammates gave themselves one last chance at the championship by preparing for the day on Sunday with Stéphane Racine’s boat (H-44) but it was a mission that was too difficult. The 2017 champion still managed to hold on to 3rd place in the championship and Douglas Rapp (H-79) finished 2nd.

Bobby King (H-242) won in the final after a tough duel with Andrew Tate aboard the “Penzoil” H-300. Jonathan Daoust culminated a successful season in the H-15 “Water Ghost” and completed the podium in Beauharnois and finished fourth in the championship just 43 points from the leader.

Yannick Léger, also very fast in Beauharnois at the wheel of the “Super Nova” H-21, obtained a satisfactory 4th place in the final ahead of Kent Henderson (H-777), Derec Smith (H-13), Jimmy King (H-12 ) and Martin Rochon (H-773), the last two having jumped the start.

The Can-Am class flat-bottomed boats were back in Beauharnois as guests and Jonathan Frenière won his first career final in the “Heart Beat” 99. The Magog driver finished ahead of François Campeau (4), Eric Hahn (106), Jody Clauss (555), Joel Plourde (103) and Sébastien Leboeuf (5).


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