Classe CAN-AM

Always looking for ways to add value to the race program, and at the same time respond to requests from the fans that like to see different classes added to the program, it is with great joy that the event committee announces the return of the Can Am class.

With 12 to 14 boats registered, these boats powered by 500 engines fuelled by either gas or alcohol will reach maximum speeds of 175 km/h.

To add to the show that will take place on Baie Saint Francois the drivers will need to be very shrewd as they prepare for the Start because according to Can Am rules, which prevail in this case, they will fight for their lanes.

The last time that Regates de Valleyfield welcomed the Can AM class was in 2013. The discussions for 2017 started back a couple of weeks ago or so and came to a positive conclusion last Friday when all the necessary authorisations were confirmed.

Among the participants you will see Dominic Cournoyer from Sorel and Sebastien Leboeuf a local driver. Other than these two Quebecers you will also see; Mike Smith, Robert Zabadi, Hugh Monahan, Roger Cabana, Tom Richmond and maybe even Pierre Pontriand.

The fans of the class will rejoice to see these mythical drivers on the Regates de Valleyfield racecourse. The Regates de Valleyfield committee has been working hard these last few years in an effort to bring the competition to a higher level and satisfy the fans. In this respect it is without doubt that the Cam AM class will give us a great show.

More that 15 Grand Prix boats confirmed.

In the HRL League with 15 Grand Prix hydroplanes confirmed there will be breathtaking competition throughout the Championship season. It is also possible that for the Regates de Valleyfield two more GP boats join the field. They are none other than Bobby King with the legendary Baby Doll and George Conover driving Randy Haas’s old Miss CompAir (UL-18) that Patrick Haworth drove in Valleyfield.

The HRL committee is proud of having so many Grand Prix boats in the League to please the fans and give them a specular viewing experience.


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