February 4, 2019

In light of recent social media posts concerning a potential “Grand Prix Hydroplane Super Bowl” being held in Evansville, Indiana, Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) and Evansville HydroFest™ (EHF) wish to make the following joint statement:

While the idea has apparently caught the interest of several teams and a small group of devoted Hydroplane fans, it is simply not feasible for HRL and EHF to incorporate this in the 2019 event. There are too many logistical reasons standing in the way of such a competition taking place in the first year of our partnership.

With all due respect, the Directors of HRL and EHF have the sole authority to speak for their respective memberships in such matters, not individuals. Thank you for respecting our wishes.

For Hydroplane Racing League                  For Evansville HydroFest

Didier-Bernard Séguin                                            Randy Lientz