The day started off with some Grand Prix Testing followed by the 2.5L qualification 1A. The rookie Dylan Runne in the S- 3 Jesel took the lead and went on to win. In qualification 1B it was the young Grant Hearn in the S-52 Legacy1 Too who won the race.

Then the wind came up and turned the tables. Qualification 1A was stopped when Jim Benson flipped his F-27 Bad Boy’s Chaotic Dream at the entrance to turn 2. In qualification 1B it was Philippe Billette in F-7 Airspeed who flipped at the entrance to turn one. And you know what they say all things come in threes so now it was Danald Leduc’s turn in F-1 Cannonball to flip during a tough battle with Yan Beaupre during the restart of heat 1A. Donald did a perfect 360 to land right side up. Happily all three drivers were not hurt. So Yan Beaupre won qualification 1A because four laps had been completed. As for Q1B it was rerun and Doug Rapp won in the Bad Influence F-79.

A few of the H-350 raced in Q1A but as per the rules the race will not count in the Championship because the other qualifications could not be run.

So don’t miss all the action starting tomorrow morning at 10AM where only one qualification will be run in all classes before the Finals.


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