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Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, November 22, 2018. – The Hydroplane Racing League is proud to announce several new features for the 2019 season.

The Addition of a class to the program

The Jersey Speed Skiff (JSS) class will make its debut on the HRL series. From the beginning of the 2019 season, we will be able to count 8 JSS class boats on race program. To date, 4 teams have confirmed their commitment to join the circuit for 2019.

The addition of the JSS class provides some security for organizations when weather conditions are difficult. These boats can compete more easily when the wind is a factor. We will offer more diversity to our hydroplane races as requested by the fans.

The directors of the HRL had this idea in mind for some time. However, some changes needed to be made. At several sites, the pits did not allow the addition of more hydroplanes. The only possible avenue for adding a new class was to reduce the number of participants in some classes of the regular program.

To this end, the future goal of the HRL is to have 24 hydroplanes in the 2.5L and Formula 2500 classes, 21 Hydro 350’s, 15 Grand Prix and 8 JSS for a total of 68 boats.

Teams interested in joining the circuit can apply via or by contacting the HRL office directly.


New HRL Drivers for 2019

2.5 Liter Class

  • S-777 Steeler

Owen Henderson and Mathis Gabriel Chiasson will be teaming up with the S-777 Steeler. Since Bert Henderson and Patrick Haworth are the new partners of this hydroplane, they will allow their boys to make their debut with HRL.

Formula 2500 Class

  • F-137 Team Windjammer

One of the most successful driver on the American racing series, Jeff Bernard, will compete in two HRL classes, the Formula 2500 and the Hydro 350. In the F 2500, he will drive the F-137 Team Windjammer, owner Mr. Chris Fanaris from Seattle, Washington. Jeff won the National High Points and established 3 speed records during the last season with this hydroplane.

  • F-3 Runne Racing

Max Acierno in the F-3 Runne Racing, a multi time APBA Stock Outboard Champion will certainly be one of the drivers to watch for in this class. Throughout the 2018 season, he raced the F-3 at APBA inboard events.

Hydro 350 Class

  • H-55 Clack Motorsports

Jeff Bernard will also drive the H-55/Clack Motorsports, owned by Harry & Sharon Clack of Lafayette, Louisiana. The Henderson design hydroplane debuted in August of 2017. During the last season the team won the APBA Western Divisional and National High Points. “Jeff Bernard is a great driver, one of the best and will make the competition event stronger in 2019,” says the HRL Commissioner.

  • H-4 Big Decision

Also a new father-son duo is formed with the arrival of Erik Allard, son of Louis Allard. The young man from Beauharnois will make his debut sharing the seat with this team which is competing since 2015.

  • H-12 Pleasure Seeker

Dylan Runne will step up to drive the Roger Mahan Motorsports H-12 in the Hydroplane Racing League H-350 Class “It is an honor to be given the opportunity to drive such a great piece of equipment, and to proceed Jimmy King” says Dylan Runne.

The HRL is proud to point out that since the 2017 season, 23 new race teams joined the HRL. “We are happy to see new faces and to ensure new blood for years to come” says Didier-Bernard Séguin HRL Commissioner.

Driver change

In the Hydro 350 Class, Rémy Leblanc will take some time off. Several personal project in 2019 prevents him from participating at all the races. The H-799 / AllardMé team has chosen Nicolas Rousse to drive. Michel Arsenault, team owner says “Nicolas has a lot of experience and we are certain he will be able to fight for the title that unfortunately escaped us last season in the H-350 Championship”.

The participants in the 2019 Championship

Recall that under the regulations the first 3 position in 2.5L class at the HRL Championship move automatically in the Formulas 2500 the next season. For the 2019 season, the following teams S-4, S-222 and S-313 will compete in the Formula 2500.

Attached to this press release, you will find the participants of each classes: 2.5 Liters, Formula 2500 as well as Hydro 350.

The HRL would like to thank the dedicated drivers who have unfortunately retired: Michel Raymond, Mathieu Lemelin, Todd Liddycoat, Guillaume Charette, Yan Lecompte, Stéphane Joannette, Andrée-Anne Bergeron and Alexis Weber.