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Yannick Léger Announces His Final Season as H-21 Supernova Driver, with Marc Lalonde Ready to Take Over

After 15 seasons filled with emotions and successes, Yannick Léger, the talented pilot of the H-21 Supernova, has decided to take a well-deservedbreak. Feeling the need to devote more time to his family and befully present for his children’s passions, Yannick wishes to enjoy the precious moments remaining this season. He wants to savor every moment with his family, his Supernova team, andthe many racing fans who have supported him from the beginning.


Although he is uncertain about what the futur holds, Yannick wants to make it clear that this is nota final farewell. He wishes to express his deep gratitude to all team members, his family, and his sponsors, who have always believed in him. Realizing hischildhood dream, Yannick has had the privilege of driving a hydroplane and even competing in the Grand Prix for several years.


Marc Lalonde to Take Over in the Hydro 350 Class


The future of the H-21 Supernova is in verygood hands. Marc Lalonde, a longtime friend and pilot of the Lalo Racing F-751, will take over and drive in the Hydro 350 classnextyear. Marc, whohas already experienced the power of Pro-Hydro boats, was seeking those same thrilling sensations andadrenaline rushes. He is deeply honored to take possession of Yannick’s boat,thus realizing his own childhood dream.


Marc is excited to join such a competitive class, accompaniedby his dedicated team. For Marc and his team, this adventure is also a family affair. He thanks Yannick for the trustand honor of continuing this beautiful journey.


Yannick and Marc wish to share this transition with warmth and gratitude towards everyone who has contributed to their journey. They look forward to embracing this new chapter surrounded by their loved ones and supporters.