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TKO Motorsports – New Team Formation

Press release from TKO Motorsports

Bear, DE., October 14th, 2022 – We are pleased to announce the formation of TKO Motorsports.

At the end of the 2022 season it was decided that only one boat could be run out of the Kennedy’s shop in Delaware. After much discussion it was decided to form a new team and start fresh! A brand new Grand Prix hydroplane is in the works for TKO Motorsports to race the 2023 season!

Ron Thompson stated “Sandy and I have a long standing relationship with the Kennedy family with George jr driving for us in the 80’s. Then George Sr gave us the push to work with them again over the past couple of years! This partnership takes it to the next level and allows us all to put our best foot forward in Grand Prix racing! Happy to have Wally and Pat Osinga a big part of this journey as well!“

We are excited to have more time and resources to put into one boat to compete in the HRL and GPA series in 2023. All the details of what the boat will be are still being finalized! Mainly a Henderson with a twist! The boat name will remain T-M Special and will run the number 35. Our engines will still be built and tuned by Serge Blanchette! We will have a fresh new look coming soon so stay tuned!

“For me this is a relief and a new chapter to the story! It is tough in any class to run 2 boats, but in GP with limited crew during the week and at the races it got to be too much. It’s very exciting to start with something new that we can put all our experience into” Said George Kennedy Jr..
The drivers of the GP-35 will be both Bobby Kennedy and Brandon Kennedy. This duo will split different weekends to spend time with their families as well as get to drive a grand prix hydroplane!

Brandon added “After the last season, being offered a clean slate is pretty sweet. I loved my time with Hearn Motorsports and learned a lot from Richard and Paul. They have an excellent boat ready for whoever takes it next. It was unfortunate we had so much bad luck and were not able to show the potential of this hull! At Least we were able to win one together! I am excited for the opportunity to build something that will be our own and unique and to help TKO succeed whether I am driving or supporting Bobby!”

Bobby Kennedy (Brandon’s cousin) added: “I am happy to continue driving for TM Special and bring together TKO Motorsports . Next race season will be pretty exciting as we bring a new boat into the Grand Prix class. We are bringing some brilliant people into the making of this boat and to be a part of it is an honor. With the love and support from my wife Sara and our 3 children. The 2023 season will be great!”

Wally and Pat Osinga have been a crucial part of Brandon’s success in GP racing and are happy to continue to be apart with the formation of the new team

“This is an exciting time for us as a new team. The progression of our team has always been to keep improving in both safety and performance. As one team we will be more efficient and have more resources available to keep us at the front. With the construction of the new boat at the team’s direction and our motor program, I’m sure it will prove to be successful.” Wally stated

Check for updates moving forward on our new social media platforms (@TMSpecial35).