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The Grand Prix class added to the Brockville race program

The 1000 Islands Regatta organizing committee and the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) have entered into an agreement that will please hydroplane racing fans! Indeed, the Grand Prix class has been added to the race program presented in Brockville, which already includes over 50 teams in the 2.5-litre, Formula 2500, Jersey Speed Ski  and Hydro 350 classes.

A minimum of seven teams from the dozen currently registered in the 2023 Grand Prix class is expected by the organizing committee. Amongst them, Quebec drivers Yannick Léger and Éric Langevin (GP-212), Marc Lecompte (GP-104), as well as Mario Blain and Robin Demers (GP-757) will be competing. Bert Henderson, Brockville resident – in replacement of Andrew Tate (GP-88) – and Ken Brodie (GP-50) have mentioned their interest in taking part in the event. Finally, New Zealander brothers Ken and Jack Lupton (respectively GP-577 and GP-33), who are set to participate in the HRL calendar events, have announced their visit to Brockville.

An awaited return

For the HRL, the return of the Grand Prix class to Brockville is great news. Didier-Bernard Séguin, the league’s commissioner, mentions that this addition achieves the organizations’ goal to showcase six events in the Grand Prix class as part of the 2023 Championship. He is convinced that the 1000 Islands Regatta organizing committee will put on a great show for the fans, who will be thrilled of the return of this spectacular class.

“The fans have spoken and we listened, said Doug Petersen, member of the Brockville organizing committee. It is with great pleasure that we will host many local drivers, including Bert Henderson, behind the wheel of the former GP-777!”

Tickets on sale now

The 1000 Islands Regatta will take place from June 30 to July 2, two weeks before the Régates de Valley eld, where the North American Championship in the Grand Prix class will be disputed. In addition to two days of breathtaking racing, guests will have the opportunity to attend a concert featuring Healy & Orr, opening for the legendary Canadian band Loverboy. Many other activities are also planned throughout the weekend.

Tickets for the 1000 Islands Regatta are now on sale at