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The Ceasers Creek Hydrobowl 2023 in Ohio: six HRL teams in the spotlight

Ceasers Creek State Park was the setting for thrilling races during the recent Ceasers Creek Hydrobowl, where our HRL drivers proudly represented our league. This event was the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills and determination on the water.


In the 2.5-liter stock and modified categories, the F-92 boat, driven by John Shaw, the reigning HRL champion in the F2500 class in 2023, took center stage. John Shaw brilliantly lived up to his title by winning the competition. The F-500 with Eddie Kanfoush, who was named Rookie of the Year and champion in the 2.5-liter class in 2022, as well as the boats S-35 with Austin & Kyle Hayes and S-97 with Grant Liddycoat, the champion of the 2.5-liter class in 2023, all delivered exceptional performances. The F-92 team triumphed this weekend, but the upcoming season promises to be intense, with each team seeking to push the limits of speed. The ultimate goal will be to challenge the F-92 Tenacity next year. Despite some significant damage to certain boats, everything will be repaired in time for the start of the season in Cambridge, Maryland, on May 18-19, 2024.


In the Hydro 350 (E350) class, Bobby King was at the helm of the H242, while Samuel Tremblay, replacing his brother Michael, the HRL champion in the Hydro 350 class in 2023, masterfully drove the H-8 during Saturday’s race, securing an impressive victory against the formidable Bobby King. The Hydro 350 class promises to be highly competitive once again for the 2024 season, with each team aiming to match the performance of the H242. Bobby King’s arrival on the HRL circuit in 2024 promises to offer a breathtaking spectacle for hydroplane racing enthusiasts.


The Ceasers Creek Hydrobowl 2023 was a resounding success, showcasing the talent and passion of our HRL drivers. We look forward to an exciting 2024 season filled with competition, speed, and adrenaline on the water.