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Summary of the HRL Race Weekend in Cambridge, MD

Last weekend, the HRL kicked off its racing series in Cambridge, MD. Despite unpredictable weather and rain on Saturday, the races began in the morning, providing a captivating show despite the wet conditions. This first leg was marked by some notable incidents, including spectacular flights by Marc Lalonde and Michael Tremblay. Fortunately, the drivers are unharmed, which is the most important thing. Several teams also encountered mechanical issues and plan to come back strong for the next race in Sorel-Tracy on June 15 and 16.


The Haineault family shone this weekend, with Jacob Haineault winning in the 2.5-liter class and Richard Haineault taking second place in the H-350 class. Jacob, driving the S-2 Novo Racing, particularly impressed with his solid performance. The 2.5-liter class podium was completed by Mathis-Gabriel Chiasson (S-57 How?) in second place and Kenneth Brodie III (S-50 Centless 15) in third. These results promise a fierce competition for the championship.


In the Formula 2500 class, Eddie Kanfoush, driving the F-500 Centless 16, took the honors, followed by John Shaw (F-92 Tenacity) and Grant Liddycoat (F-97 Send it), HRL’s Rookie of the Year 2023. This race marks Eddie’s first victory in the Formula 2500 class.


The JSS class saw Jimmie Stewart and Peggie Ewancio triumph with the JSS-10 Yumpin’ Yiminy, closely followed by Tom Pakradoni and Marc Lecompte in the JSS-7 Rolling Thunder Racing, and Taylor Barr and Chris Cramer in third place with the JSS-719 Miss Mya.


Bobby King dominated the H-350 class with L.D.C. Construction Company, winning all the qualifications and the final. Richard Haineault took second place with an impressive time of 212.378, just ahead of Éric McKenna who was close behind him by 0.451 seconds.


In the Grand Prix class, Brandon Kennedy, also the recipient of the Skeeter Johnson Award for the most outstanding driver of the weekend, triumphed at the wheel of GP-35 TM Special after a tight battle with Andrew Tate (GP-71 The Wild One). The third place went to New Zealander Ken Lupton of GP-577 Lucas Oil.


The HRL wants to highlight the exemplary work of the Cambridge Classic organizing committee and its volunteers. See you in Sorel-Tracy for the next race on June 15 and 16!