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Sherri Diabo makes her grand return to the HRL: A speed enthusiast ready to make waves!

Sherri Diabo makes her grand comeback in the world of 2.5-litre hydroplane racing in the HRL (Hydroplane Racing League). Sherri Diabo is eager to participate in the event on July 1st and 2nd in Brockville, where she will be present with the Diabo Hydroplane Racing, the vessel that accompanied her in her last races in 2018.


Hailing from Kahnawake, Quebec, Sherri Diabo comes from a family of hydroplane drivers. Her father and two brothers have all competed in this exciting sport. For Sherri, hydroplane racing is more than just a competition—it’s a genuine passion that runs through her veins. She cannot imagine her life without the sensation of speed and the thrill of the races.


Every time she gazes at the water, Sherri Diabo envisions herself at the helm of her vessel, ready to slice through the waves and take on her competitors on the circuit. er determination and love for racing have propelled her back into the spotlight, ready to measure herself against the top pilots of the HRL. Let us remember that Sherri emerged as the recipient of the Rookie of the Year award at the conclusion of the year 2000.


The HRL family warmly welcomes Sherri Diabo and wishes her an excellent comeback in the world of hydroplane racing. Her return is noteworthy as she becomes the second woman to compete on the HRL circuit, highlighting the evolution of a sport traditionally dominated by men.


Sherri Diabo’s presence brings a fresh dimension to the competition: her passion, experience, and family legacy make her a formidable contender, and there is no doubt that she will give her all to reach the top of the rankings.


Welcome back, Sherri!