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Scott Kropfeld becomes Crew chief of GP-79 REDITOO presents Bad Influence

Mike Grendell, The owner of GP-79 REDITOO presents Bad Influence, is proud to announce Scott Kropfeld as our Crew Chief. Scott joined the REDITOO/ Bad Influence team during the 2021 season. The knowledge and craftmanship Scott has brought to the team has not only made the handling of the boat much better while making the 79 a top contender week in and week out. Scott has been racing his entire life, from asphalt midget cars, dirt wing sprint cars, tunnel boats, and inboard hydroplanes. As a Hydroplane driver, Scott has some wins under his belt most notable inboard hydroplane most prestige Summer Nationals. Scott also was a Grand Prix driver from 96-00 in Dave Czerwinski GP-38. Through the years Scott has crewed on many different teams when he was not driving. In 1990 while his dad, one of the top drivers in our sport the late Jim Kropfeld was driving the Winston Eagle. Scott had the crew Chief role during that season. After 2000 when he stepped out of the cockpit worked with many Grand Prix teams as a consultant or team member on teams such as Steeler, Charger, Kennedy’s multiple boats, and Hearn Motorsports before joining The REDITOO/ Bad Influence team.


Owner Mike Grendell says, “We are happy to have Scott Kropfeld with his wealth of knowledge taking over as Crew Chief.” “Hopefully with some minor improvements on the hull this winter, We will continue the success that we have had for the previous 3 years.” “As a team, we feel like we missed an opportunity to win Valleyfield last year“. “So hopefully we can get the elusive win this year.”


Driver Jeff Bernard says, “ I look forward to working with Scott, since Scott joined the team in my first year as well 2021 we have worked very well together and have good communication on how to get the boat to handle the way I want”. “I have always had a ton of respect for Scott as a person, craftsman, and knowledge he brings to the table with setups”. “We have always in my opinion thought a lot of alike and have a similar approach to racing”. “Just takes Scott a lot longer to communicate it, I am much more of a guy with fewer words :)”. “The willingness to think outside of the box and try something different will help in my opinion to keep or program towards the top”. “My uncle Mike (Weber) will be greatly missed on our team this will always be the team and program that he built and we can continue to make him proud”.


The rest of the REDITOO presents Bad Influence will remain the same this summer. Brandon Dupleich, our lead man on the deck with Josh Skilton along his side. Timm Collins on the radio and race data. Tim Coffield on the propellers and the ground. J.P. Mallet and Karen Coffield on the dock. Roger Mahan Motorsports has both motors freshened up and a brand new third motor added to the inventory. Jonathon Thompson owner of Reliable Diamond Tool, INC. (REDITOO) will be back for year number two as our primary sponsor.


Scott Kropfeld replaces Mike Weber in the crew chief position. Mike Weber was more than a crew chief while also team managing and full-time on our GP. In 2019 Mike Weber built this team to where we are at today and we all can’t thank him enough for all he has done. Unfortunately for us, Mike has decided to step away to spend more time in other areas of life outside of hydroplane racing. Mike will always be a part of our team if he ever chooses to come back or wants to come for a weekend to get his racing fix in, he is more than welcome. Along with Mike, his wife Danielle was also part of our team and we can’t thank her enough for all the support and letting Mike spend countless hours it takes to run a successful Grand Prix team. Thank You, Mike and Danielle Weber!!