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Rémi Beauvillain Joins the 2.5 Liter Class at the Helm of S-102 Général-C

Rémi Beauvillain will join the 2.5 liter class, driving the S-102 Général-C starting in the 2024 season. His passion for hydroplane racing was sparked in 2023 when he began actively participating in this field as a partner of Vincent Laberge’s boat in the 2.5 liter class and attending trials at the Larocque Bridge in Valleyfield. As the president and founder of RB Nautique, Rémi initially served as a rescuer on his personal watercraft during these events and continues to be involved in 2024.


Rémi’s interest in the sport deepened after fruitful discussions with well-known figures in the sport, such as the Charette family, Mathis-Gabriel Chiasson, and Norm Ensbury, who helped him find his place as a pilot. Rémi will heed the advice of Andrew Tate, who reminds him that it’s about taking small steps, one at a time, taking the time to understand both his own limits and those of the boat to eventually push beyond them.


Originally from Amiens in northern France, Rémi is also determined to promote this dynamic sport in his home country. For his first race in Cambridge, he is approaching the competition without too much pressure, aiming to complete his first laps and become more acquainted with the intricacies of the sport.


In addition to his new racing career, Rémi is involved in philanthropic activities, actively supporting the fight against multiple sclerosis by becoming the sponsor of the association for the 2024 racing season.


Rémi would like to thank his valued partners, the dedicated team, and François Jolicoeur, the owner of the boat, for their trust in him. The HRL wishes Rémi immense success in his first racing season.


Welcome to the great family of regattas, Rémi!