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Our drivers and teams impress at Edgewood

The latest racing event hosted by APBA in Edgewood, MD featured exciting performances by our drivers and teams, showcasing their exceptional skills and determination on the water.


2,5 liters and Formula 2500


F class and S class drivers, in particular, left a lasting impression with their outstanding performances throughout the weekend. Leading the pack was John Shaw, in the F-92, who dominated the races in Al Thompson’s boat, demonstrating incredible speed and precision. Shaw’s performance was truly remarkable, and he is undoubtedly one to watch as the season



Eddie Kanfoush, in the F-50, provided strong competition, consistently finishing second in each heat, challenging Shaw and keeping the races fiercely competitive.


Grant Liddycoat exhibited exceptional consistency, securing third place in a series of heats. However, unfortunate circumstances prevented Liddycoat from participating in the final race after an incident during the qualifier. Despite this setback, Liddycoat showed great promise, particularly in his impressive starts.


Exciting newcomers Kyle and Austin Hayes made a memorable debut in the boat, impressing the audience with their skill and adaptability. It was not only Austin’s first time in the boat but also Kyle’s first-ever experience, making their performances all the more noteworthy. The Hayes brothers split the weekend, showcasing their potential and leaving a strong impression on the racing community.


Hydro 350


In the H-350 category, Brandon Kennedy exhibited a commendable performance taking the wheel of the Pennzoil boat H-300. The driver secured a comfortable lead in both heats. However, some engine issues arose, prompting a decision to return the boat home for further examination. Rest assured, the team is determined to resolve the issues and return stronger than ever.


Meanwhile, Martin Rochon, H-773, delivered an outstanding performance over the weekend, demonstrating remarkable skill and finesse. Rochon’s consistent runs showcased his dedication and ability to perform under pressure, earning him well-deserved recognition.


Ken Brodie III was unable to drive his S Class boat as some repairs need to be done before the Cambridge races. For this event, he was able to take the controls of Joe Less’ 350 boat. Brodie showed his talent and versatility by winning an event on Saturday. Unfortunately, during the Sunday final, challenging wind conditions resulted in an unfortunate accident, causing the boat to blow over.


In the first heat, Richard Haineault, H2, faced significant setbacks with severe transom damage. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, the team remains resilient, determined to overcome the challenges and return stronger in future races.


Grand Prix


Brandon Kennedy expressed his utmost satisfaction with the handling and speed of the new GP-35 right from the start. The out-of-the-box agility of the GP-35 proved to be crucial for the team, allowing them to navigate the course with exceptional precision and achieve impressive lap times. With this newfound confidence, the team is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming race in Cambridge, where they aim to build upon their success and continue to make strides towards victory. As the racing season progresses, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, fostering teamwork, and delivering outstanding performances.


The dedication and passion shown by our drivers and teams in Edgewood, MD has set the stage for an exciting season ahead.