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Joe Less makes a return to HRL racing with the H-500 CENTS LESS 14

In the world of hydroplane racing, excitement is building as Joe Less prepares to re-enter the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) circuit with the H-500 CENTS LESS. Sponsored by GP:50 and owned by Don Less.

Joe Less and his team have long harbored the desire to return to competitive racing, but the journey back has been fraught with challenges. From navigating regulatory changes, particularly regarding the hull following capsule regulations, to committing to the demanding race calendar, the path back to the circuit has been anything but straightforward.

For Joe Less, the allure of HRL lies in its competitive environment. “If you want to race against the best of the best, you need to race in HRL,” he asserts, reflecting the fierce spirit of competition that drives him. Based in Grand Island, Joe Less boasts a wealth of experience, having been behind the wheel since 1991. The last appearance of the hull in Valleyfield dates back to 2011, making this return even more eagerly anticipated.

Constructed in 2002 by the renowned duo Bert Henderson – Matt Arlt, the H-500 CENTS LESS 14 is currently undergoing meticulous repairs and modifications to ensure peak performance. With numerous changes implemented on the boat, the primary objective of Joe Less and his team is to secure a spot in the final at the end of the year while striving to remain competitive in the face of fierce opponents.

“There are so many skilled drivers in this class, and we’re eager to test our mettle against them once again,” Joe Less remarks, his determination evident. With anticipation building and the thrill of racing on the horizon, the return of Joe Less and the H-500 CENTS LESS 14 promises to inject new energy into the HRL circuit. As the countdown begins, fans eagerly await the return of this experienced competitor.