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Hydroplane Racing Veteran Bert Henderson Returns to the Helm in the new boat Game On H-924

Veteran hydroplane driver Bert Henderson, with nearly 30 years of experience in classes including Hydro 350, Grand Prix, and Unlimited, announces his thrilling return to competitive racing. This season, he will be driving the newly built Game On H-924, owned by Bruno Lepage and René Cyr.


The Game On H-924, crafted in Bert’s own workshop, is one of two new vessels constructed under his guidance. The first of these boats is already complete and will make its debut in Cambridge in the coming days. Bert’s son, Owen, played a significant role in the construction, leveraging his skills developed in the family’s shop.


The team is scheduled to conduct testing this week and will head to Edgewood for fine-tuning before competing in Cambridge. The second vessel will be race-ready for Valleyfield, and Bert plans to take the helm for the remainder of the season.


Bert, who was not ready to retire, has been eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to reenter racing. He expressed excitement about competing in all HRL classes, particularly alongside his brothers, Kent Henderson (H-519 Team Toban – Bank on it) and Tyler Kaddatz (H-195 Ahh Sum Secret). On a humorous note, Bert shared a family rivalry quip: “If one of you damages my boat, mine will be the first to fix.”


Bert’s most notable career achievement includes winning the Valleyfield Grand Prix final five times. His son, Owen, will compete in the Formula 2500 class driving the F-3 Secretely Ahh $um, equipped with a new engine and a propeller he personally worked on. Another Henderson to watch is Kent’s son, Kolin, who will be racing in the Novice class in the N-519 Ahh Sum Secret.


The Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) extends a warm welcome back to Bert and wishes an exceptional season to Bert, Kent, Tyler, Owen, and Kolin!