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HRL Upholds Disqualification of Team H-225 in the 2023 Championship

The Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) committee has decided to maintain the disqualification of Team H-225 in the 2023 championship following a secret vote by HRL committee members. In accordance with established rules, the race commissioner did not participate in the vote to ensure an odd number of voters. This decision comes in response to an appeal by Team H-225 regarding the sanction imposed on them, which was filed last Friday.
During the inspection, the HRL inspector and a technical consultant, accompanied by the team leader of H-225, meticulously measured the component in question using three vernier calipers, including that of Team 225, as well as a micrometer. It is worth noting that the regulatory measurement for this component is 1.00 inch, meaning that a measurement of 1.003 inches would have been considered compliant. However, in this specific case, the measurements obtained varied between 1.011 and 1.017 inches.
Emilie Daoust, the general manager of HRL, emphasized that the current regulation is clear and has been in place since 2015 without any modifications. She recalled that very few teams have failed this test in recent years, and the regulation has consistently been applied fairly. The vast majority of teams previously inspected have always passed this stage. Since the introduction of the current engine specifications, the rules have remained unchanged. Consequently, the sanction remains the same: a loss of points for the race weekend. Emilie Daoust clarified that if such an inspection had occurred in Cambridge and had not been compliant, the points earned during the weekend would also have been revoked. In this situation, the points deduction in Beauharnois unfortunately eliminates any chance for the team to win the championship.
Janick Tétreault-Moïse, Director of Communications, also expressed disappointment regarding disparaging comments that targeted key members of the organization personally and tarnished the reputation of a dedicated and passionate team. Some of them have volunteered in the world of racing for over 30 years, tirelessly working to achieve standards of excellence, functional pits, efficient results, professional conventions, professional capsule testing, races every 15 minutes, and much more. She emphasized that HRL shares in the disappointment felt by Nicolas Rousse and his team concerning the situation, and no one deserves the criticism currently levied by certain enthusiasts. She stressed that, unfortunately, this is not a popularity contest. HRL remains committed to preserving the integrity and fairness of the competition while encouraging the passion and dedication of racing teams.
The next step will involve the inspection of the H-8 vessel piloted by Michael Tremblay. The H-8’s engine has already been sealed in Beauharnois, and the inspection will take place this Wednesday evening. The vessel is currently based in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. The champions of the championship will be announced following this inspection.