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HRL Pilots Shine at the APBA Hartford County Spring Nationals Boat Race (Edgewood, Maryland)

HRL members demonstrated their talent and preparation at the Hartford County Spring Nationals Boat Race last weekend in Edgewood, Maryland. The results show that our drivers are ready for the next challenge this weekend in Cambridge, Maryland.


In the competitive 2.5-liter Stock class, John Shaw dominated the race and took victory aboard the S-92 craft. He was closely followed by Grant Hearn in the S14 Legacy 1, while Kyle Hayes rounded out the podium with the S 35 TM Special, thus demonstrating the high level of competition among our pilots.


In the JSS class, Jimmy Stewart and Peg Ewancio on the Yumpin Yimmity JSS-10 as well as Sam Greenlaw and Dave Greenlaw in the JSS 99 Veri Cheri, all participated enthusiastically. These teams are also confirmed to participate in this weekend’s HRL event, bringing their experience from Edgewood.


The H350 class saw Andrew Tate triumph in a thrilling race aboard the H300 Pennzoil Budget Buster racing. He was followed by Paul Barber in the H52 Legacy 1, and Martin Rochon in the H773 RTX Transport. Richard Haineault showed a solid performance with the H2 Novo Racing. Jacob Haineault, driving the S-2 Novo-Racing, also impressed by finishing third in Saturday’s final.


Brandon Kennedy has conducted tests with the Grand Prix 35 and declares himself ready for the next HRL competition.


We congratulate all our drivers on their performance and wish them the best for the upcoming races this weekend in Cambridge.