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HRL Drivers Stand Out in Belleville and Guntersville as Season Continues in Brockville

We are delighted to congratulate the pilots who participated in last week’s racing events. Their remarkable performances and victories are a source of inspiration for all water sports enthusiasts.



Belleville, MI


First and foremost, we would like to highlight Grant Liddycoat’s victory in the 2.5-litre stock class at the APBA Inboard Racing-sanctioned event in Belleville, MI. His mastery of his boat was remarkable, and he deserves congratulations for this performance.


Furthermore, we would like to salute the brothers Kyle and Austin Hayes for their success in the modified 2.5-litre class at the same event. Their skills as pilots and their dedication to improving their boats were rewarded with a well-deserved victory. Their determination and competitive spirit are truly inspiring.



Guntersville Lake Hydrofest


Unfortunately, some races in the Grand Prix class at the Guntersville Lake Hydrofest were affected by unfavorable weather conditions. However, despite these challenging circumstances, the drivers showed determination throughout the competition.


We would like to congratulate Bobby King for his victory in the Hydrofish GP-88, closely followed by the GP-79 Bad Influence and the GP-35 TM Special, drove by Jeff Bernard and Brandon Kennedy, respectively. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge Andrew Tate, the usual driver of the GP-88, who took control of the U-91 in the Unlimited class. Despite the spectacular incident he encountered late Sunday, we are relieved to know that he is recovering well and will be ready to make his return to Valleyfield.



Brockville Regatta – 1000 Islands Regatta


This weekend marks the 3rd stop of the HRL in Brockville with the 1000 Islands Regatta event. A committee of passionate individuals is organizing this competition, and around fifty boats will participate! With the absence of some drivers and boats from the Grand Prix class, including the current leader GP-88, this will certainly pave the way for significant changes in the rankings. This situation creates an exciting opportunity for drivers such as Jack Lupton with the GP-33, who is just 4 points behind the leader, and Ken Brodie with the GP-50, currently in 3rd place with only a 5-point difference from the top position. These drivers will have a chance to carve their way to the top of the standings. We look forward to seeing who will seize this opportunity to shine and get closer to the title.


For more information about the 1000 Islands Regatta event in Brockville, please visit their official website: