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GPA and HRL announce the “Grand Prix Challenge 2024”

The Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) and Grand Prix America (GPA) are thrilled to unveil the “Grand Prix Challenge 2024.”. This innovative initiative, integrated into the championships of both organizations, aims to highlightthe Grand Prix class and ensure the longevity of racing venues.


The Challenge : Three weekends, four competition sites
The “Challenge” will kick off in Guntersville (AL) and/or Brockville (On) on June 29 and 30; followed by Madison (IN) on July 6 and 7; and will conclude in Valleyfield (Qc) on July 12, 13, and 14, where points will be doubled. Participants are required to compete in at least two of these venues.



Emilie Daoust, General Manager of the Hydroplane Racing League and Valleyfield Regattas, expresses hersatisfaction: “It is with pride that the Valleyfield Regattas and the Hydroplane Racing League commit to this new challenge. We firmly believe that for the well-beingof the competition, the happiness of our fans, and the future of the Grand Prix class, it is es-sential to look forward and build a promising future for our sport.” She also highlights the cru-cial contribution of Mario Blain, the Grand Prix class representative of the HRL, who has united members around this shared ambition.



From Grand Prix America, Michael Grendell shares his excitement: “This is the year it all comes together. We anticipate the presence of 10 to 15 Grand Prix boats in the pits an exhilarating prospect for fans, competition sites, and the entire show! This marks a significant step in our preparations for next year, heralding an era of renewed dynamism and continuous development in our sport.”



Lane Assignment Rules and Participation Incentives

It’s crucial to note that for the Grand Prix class events in the 2024 HRL and GPA series, the lane assignments for the initial set of heats at each site will be determined through timed trials also known as ‘qualifying’. This process will also be applied to the Challenge, ensuring unifor-mity and fairness for all competitors across all race sites. This method, which has proven its effectiveness and popularity during the 2023 Valleyfield Regattas, will continue to excite fans. A specialprize of $40,000 will be added to the usual purses to encourage teams to participate in the challenge.



Kyle Bipes, organizer of the Madison Regattas, adds: “The Madison Regattas organizing com-mittee is extremely enthusiastic aboutthis new challenge. For thefirst time, we are conside-ring the presence of a record number of Grand Prix boats to compete on theOhio River. This is not just a significant milestone for us but also an exhilarating prospect for all participants – from teams to spectators. This intense competition promises to set a new standard for ourevent.”



A New Chapter for the Grand Prix Class

The “Grand Prix Challenge 2024 marks a new erafor Grand Prix racing. It is an invitation to to experience the adrenaline and passion of this sport, not only for competitors but also for fans eagerly awaiting these races. Huey Newport, owner of a Grand Prix boat for over 50 years, un-derscores the magnitude of theevent: “The Grand Prix class Challenge promises to be thebiggest event our class has seen in over 16 years. It’s a monumental moment, almost as important as the creation of theACHA series. This new collaboration represents not just a major mi-lestone for us, but also marks a new chapter of thrilling competition and increased enthusiasm in the world of Grand Prix racing.”