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Erik Allard makes his grand return behind the wheel of the H-4 Attaches Châteauguay for the 2024 season of the HRL

Aftera sabbatical year in 2023, marked by the beginning of a new professional chapter, Erik Allard excitedly announces his return as the driver of the H-4 Attaches Châteauguay for the 2024 season of the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL). The passion for speed and adrenaline has ultimately called him back to the tumultuous waters of hydroplane racing, a fieldwhere he has excelled in the past.

The decision to take a break last yearwas not easy for Allard, but it was necessary to adjust to his new job. However, a summer without racing proved to be long and memorable, fueling his desire to return. For 2024, he has managed to balance his schedule, allowing him to commit fully to the HRL’s complete calendar, news that delights hydroplane racing fans.

Erik Allard is full of praise for the team’s performance during his absence, especially that of Dominic Maisonneuve, who took over driving duties. He returns to competition with renewed admiration for the work accomplished and an ambitious goal: to finish in the top 10. However, for Allard, enjoyment remains the priority. “The important thing is to have fun,” he emphasizes, recalling that racing is above all a matter of the heart for him.

Born into a family where hydroplane racing is a tradition, Erik Allard grew up on the circuits, developing a deep love for the sport. The H-4 Attaches Châteauguay is more than just a team for him; it’s his family, his support, and his source of motivation. This year, there will be no unnecessary pressure on the team. The goal is to enjoy every moment, every race, and to give one’sbest.

What he missed most during his sabbatical year is the unique fraternity that unites drivers and teams in the world of hydroplane racing. “I missed the racing family,” he admits. For Erik Allard, returning to the H-4 Attaches Châteauguay is a return to his roots, a chance to relive the joys, challenges, and spirit of camaraderie that are the essence of this sport.

At the dawn of the 2024 season, Erik Allard and his team are ready to face the waves with determination and joy, driven by an unwavering passion for hydroplane racing and the familial spirit that unites them. One race at a time, they aspire to leave a memorable imprint on the 2024 HRL season.