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Dominic Maisonneuve: A new chapter with V-109 for the 2024 HRL season

Dominic Maisonneuve, a seasoned driver in the world of motorboat racing, is gearing up to embark on an exciting new adventure for the 2024 season of the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL). Celebrated as the « Best start in a superior class” at the HRL 2023 gala for his performances at the helm of H-4 in the Hydro 350 class, Maisonneuve is preparing to take on new challenges with the V-751. This boat, previously driven by Marc Lalonde and his team, will take on a new identity under Maisonneuve’s guidance, becoming V-109 for the upcoming season.


This change symbolizes a return to roots for Dominic, with V-109 being the number he proudly carried in the Formula 2500 class, as well as the number of his son Olivier, the current champion of the Novice class driving the Angle d’Attaque in 2023. By reclaiming this emblematic number, Dominic pays homage to his family’s racing heritage and his personal successes.


Adding to this racing dynasty, his daughter Noémie is also a talented driver in the Novice class, skillfully steering the 409 boat. This number, 409, blends the legacy of her father’s number 109 with the H-4 that Dominic piloted this year, creating a symbolic and powerful link between generations and their achievements in motorboat racing.


In addition to driving the now V-109, Dominic will also serve as the engine specialist for the H-14 boat, driven by Frédéric Couturier, thereby adding an extra layer to his commitment in the HRL for the 2024 season. Known for his exceptional skills both on and off the water, Maisonneuve is a renowned motorboat racing specialist, having been crowned champion multiple times in Formula 2500.


Dominic’s experience and unwavering passion for racing make him a key player in the HRL, whose abilities continue to impress and inspire the motorboat racing community. The HRL has full confidence in his ability to lead V-109 to new victories, thanks to his mechanical expertise and driving talent.


As the 2024 season approaches, the motorboat racing community eagerly awaits to see Dominic Maisonneuve and V-109 in action, ready to make waves and continue making history in the HRL races.