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Derek Anderson to Drive the S-25 Canadian Tire Racing Boat for the 2024 HRL Season

Canadian Tire Racing is pleased to announce that Derek Anderson will be the driver of the S-25 boat for the 2024 Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) season. Vincent Laberge, the driver and owner of the boat who competed during the 2023 season, must take a leave this year for professional reasons and has chosen Derek Anderson, a key member of his team, to replace him.


Two years ago, it was Derek who offered Vincent the chance to drive his boat, the S-77 Hard Left Racing, while Derek was waiting for shoulder surgery. For Vincent, handing over the steering wheel to Derek this season is a way to return the favor. “For me, entrusting the S-25 to Derek was an obvious choice. He is a respected figure within our team, bringing with him extensive experience and undeniable professionalism, which are essential to our success,” states Vincent Laberge.


Derek Anderson, excited about his return as the main driver, expresses his enthusiasm for the new season: “I am thrilled to be driving the S-25 boat and aspire to be competitive. I look forward to working with the team and experiencing a season filled with success and enjoyment.”


The Canadian Tire Racing team wishes Derek an excellent 2024 season. With his return to the helm and his passion for racing, Derek is ready to take on this new challenge and lead the team to new heights.