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A Dream Comes True: Jacob Haineault Takes the Helm of S63 Boat Under the Wing of His Father Richard Haineault

Richard Haineault, an experienced driver in the H350 class with the H2 boat, has acquired the S63 boat from the 2.5-liter class. Richard’s son, Jacob Haineault, aged 21, will take the reins of the boat for the remainder of the season. Jacob has grown up to the sound of roaring engines and the passion for racing For the past fifteen years, he has watched his father skillfully navigate the waters with determination. Today, it’s his turn to take the lead and chart his own course.


Jacob carries within him the dream of piloting a boat in the Hydro class, an ambitious goal that showcases his determination to excel in the world of racing. However, he has chosen to heed his father’s wise counsel, favoring gradual learning and mastery of the fundamentals of boat handling. This decision reflects the seriousness and wisdom that characterize Jacob in his pursuit of success.


The unwavering support and approval of his mother have also played a crucial role in this decision. Convinced of her son’s determination and exemplary values, she has given her green light, contributing to the realization of this dream.


The S63 boat, under Jacob’s command, will retain its number and name until the end of the season. On September 1st and 2nd, Jacob will have the opportunity to showcase his skills and passion in his first race in Beauharnois, his hometown.


The Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) is thrilled to welcome Jacob Haineault into its growing family of racing enthusiasts. We invite fans and curious minds to join this significant event and support Jacob in his quest for success.


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