Mike Monahan

The Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) received the good news yesterday that a Driver had been confirmed for the GP-35 for the 2017 season.  Yes, it is none other than the talented driver Mike Monahan who has been mandated to the position.

Thompson Brothers Racing named Mike Monahan as the driver of the TM Special GP-35 for the 2017 season.  Mike will be a precious addition to the team as he comes with both experience and confidence.  Welcome aboard Mike!

Numerous times Champion of the 2.5 litre class and back up driver for many GP teams such as the GP-93 and GP- 79, also coming in second once in the GP-444 Grand Prix Valleyfield when he replaced Marc Theoret in St’Felicien.

We say jokingly both in the Pits and in the boat racing community that because of his ability to easily replace different drivers in any class he soon became known as the World’s Best Back-Up Driver.

It was with the support of Huey Newport and Mike Endres that Bert Henderson driver of GP-777 The Steeler brought him into the Grand Prix Drivers group.

Mike is really anxious to be a full time driver as he said, “It will be a lot of fun, like when I was driving for Mike Grendell.” To him working along side Al Grabinski in a racing team is a marvelous opportunity.

They are still working on the design plans for the color scheme but one thing for sure it will be done with colors from Sherwin Williams Maryland USA the main partner of the team.

Mike is following in his Father’s footsteps when it comes to Hydroplane Racing; he has been coming to the Valleyfield Regatta for 52 years.  His Dad brought him to his first race as a baby and he has never missed an edition since.


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