Photo: Christian Bergeron Photo: Christian Bergeron

The Quebec drivers led the way at the Long Sault Race (Ontario). Claude Abbott, Donald Leduc and Nicolas Rousse won in their respective classes during the second racing weekend of the Hydroplane Racing League season.

In the 2.5 litre class, Claude Abbott led from start to finish aboard the S-67 Abbott Racing, securing his first win during his second season on the hydroplane circuit.

The driver from Rivière-Beaudette completed five laps in 4 min 12 s, 26 ahead of Samuel Tremblay (S-5) by a little more than a second. Tremblay, who had a perfect record of five wins in as many races before Long Sault, was forced to overtake three opponents after missing his start. Philippe Billette (S-7), Stéphanie Leduc (S-100), Alexis Weber (S-55), Eric Mckenna (S-999) and André Bergeron (S-18) followed across the finish line.

In the Formula 2500 category, the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield native Donald Leduc gave his all and raced to victory aboard the F-1 Cannonball after having placed 2nd three times during the qualifying rounds. The defending champion prevailed over Tyler Kaddatz (F-519) while Leah Hoosick (F-27) completed the podium.

Jean-François Latour (F-8), Rob Stevenson (F-10) and Yan Beaupré (F-36) came in the following positions. Bobby King (F-242) gave Donald Leduc a run for his money, but was penalized for having changed lane at the first turn at the start of the race, as did Tom Huganir (F-69).

Heated battle in Hydro 350

Richard Haineault (H-2 Miss Beauharnois) and Nicolas Rousse (H-225 Harley Davidson) led a heated battle from start to finish in the Hydro 350 class. Haineault was the first to receive the checkered flag by less than a second, but was penalized for obstructing Derec Smith (H-13) who had the interior corridor at the start.

Declared the winner, Nicolas Rousse won his first victory in the H-350 category and his first win on the hydroplane racing circuit since 2010. Samuel Pagé-Morin (H-16) came in 2nd after having started from the 7th lane because of his victory during the second consolation race. Rémy Leblanc (H-799) continued to impress, and the racer from Coteau-du-Lac finished 3rd, even if he was still on restrictions.

Derec Smith, Yannick Léger (H-21) and Richard Haineault came in 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively, while Marc Lecompte (H-104) and Patrick Haworth (H-79) had a rough start.

Racers from these three categories as well as the Grand Prix class will take off once more on June 25-26 at the Saint-Félicien Regattas in Lac-Saint-Jean.



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