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Tommy Shannon

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Mirabel, QC
Career start:
  • F 2500


Propulsion Motorsports


Did you take advantage of the pandemic to make improvements on your boat? If yes, which ones?


Yes, the hull was redone during winter at HRL. We’re getting a new engine and two new propellers.


What are your goals for the next season?


To get to the top 3 in the championship and to win in finals.


A few of your family members, including your father Norman Shannon, are familiar faces for the fans. How did they contribute to your career?


My father, godfather and cousin all competed and were very supportive of me when I started. When I first tried my cousin’s boat, I immediately fell in love! The following summer, I was riding around my first tracks in my godfather’s hydroplane and decided that I wanted to become a driver. I loved it immediately! Of course, my father had a huge influence on me. I chose number 4 for my boat because it is the one he was using when he was in the 5-litres class. He is now the Crew Chief and Communications Manager on my team. His experience is priceless.


Norman ShannonTeam leader & communications
Alain HaineaultTeam member
Hope ShannonTeam member
Bo ShannonTeam member
Alyssa DigoTeam member
Audrey PatenaudeTeam member
Nathan LecompteTeam member
Chantal HaineaultTeam member
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