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Richard Haineault

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Beauharnois, QC
Career start:
  • Hydro 350

H-2 Novo Racing

Chevrolet 350 C.I


When we talk with Richard Haineault of his journey as a hydroplane driver, we quickly realize that his pride resides in the team he built over the last eight years. While many drivers feel the need to manage everything, the man from Beauharnois learned to trust his crew and delegate.

He can therefore take time to focus before strapping into his Hydro 350 class boat. The 53 year-old is convinced that his performances benefit from his routine: he was awarded the 2015 Most Improved Award and hopes to continue on this path in the future.

Adrenaline and titles are one thing, but Richard mainly races to get closer to his friends and family, as his wife and son follow him to every competition. In fact, his wife officially joined the crew: she will be in charge of gathering and releasing statistics. “What makes me truly happy are the nice evenings, after the races, spent discussing with my people. To me, that is the definition of quality time.”

He mentions his second place at the Régates de Valleyfield as one of the most important moments in his career, but not because of recognition or prizes: “I had the chance to take the microphone and publicly thank my teammates and, most importantly, my wife.” In case you were wondering, Richard Haineault truly is a team player.


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