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Marc Lecompte

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC
Career start:
  • Grand Prix



Your hydroplane driver career started in 1998. Can you reveal what is the secret to longevity on the circuit?


I truly believe that part of my success resides in my team. They have been with me from the beginning, so I fully trust them. I can therefore take time to relax and focus before the races.


I have also been cultivating this passion since my childhood. I was closely following my uncle Norman Shannon’s career before I myself became a driver. He taught me everything I know and I picked his old number, 104, for my boat, as a tribute.


How can that passion be renewed at every race?


I don’t take anything for granted; each season is different from the one before. I raced in different categories throughout my career, from 2.5 litre to Grand Prix, and each one brought on new challenges. But even after almost 20 years, regardless of the boat I am sitting in, the excitement I feel when I am fighting for a position during four laps stays the same.


Moreover, my family thankfully follows me to every competition. I can, in a way, relive my passion through the eyes of my 5-year-old daughter.


Hydroplane racing is therefore an important part of your life?


I sacrificed a lot for the sport. I even held off buying a house to keep on driving. All of my time is dedicated to this passion. It is my whole life!


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