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Joseph Less

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Buffalo, NY
Career start:
  • Hydro 350

H-500 Centsless 14

350 Chevrolet


2024 will mark your debut as an HRL driver, so what are your expectations for this year?

The 2001 boat has been heavily modified. It will take the whole year to fine-tune it. I hope to be a top boat by the end of the year.


What led you to get involved in this sport?

My grandfather Joe Less and my father Don Less raced. I’ve been a driver since 1991.


What does the name of your boat mean?

“No more money”


Joe SovieCo-driver
John NebeleckyCrew chief
Don LessOwner and sponsor
Sandra LessTeam member
Josh LessTeam member
Caitlyn LessTeam member
Julia LessTeam member
Sal WakefieldTeam member
Dan KanfoushRadio
Greg IsaacMotor