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GP-79 Miss Reditoo presents Bad Influence

Roger Mahan Motorsports


How would you rate your performance in 2023?

2023 was a difficult year in HRL. We had problems in Cambridge that prevented us from taking part in the final, we won one heat and were eliminated twice. In Sorel, the weather prevented us from taking part in the race. In Valleyfield, we qualified 6th after damaging the engine in our qualification race. We had two first places and a second, which put us in lane 2 for the final. As we were leading for the first two laps, we had a vibration. Coming out of the last corner side by side for the win, our strut broke, causing us a DNF. In Beauharnois we had a 1st, 3rd and DNS. In lane 4 of the final, we jumped the gun, which put us in 5th position for the final. APBA / GPA High Point Champions Winner at TriCities.

Will there be anything new on your boat or in your team this year? If so, which ones?

Scott Kropfeld will take over as crew chief. Mike Weber decided to step away from the position.


What are your goals for 2024?

We are still unclear what our schedule will look like for 2024 at this point. One thing we know is winning Valleyfield is at the top of our list. We would like to win any final that we are apart of also.


Scott KropfeldCrew chief
Brandon DupleichCrew
Josh SkiltonCrew
Tim CoffieldCrew
Karen CoffieldCrew
J.P. MalletCrew
Tim CollinsRadio