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Guillaume Charette

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Valleyfield, QC
Career start:
  • F 2500

F-77 Charette Racing

Ford 2.3 L


How would you rate your performance in 2023?

2023 was an extremely difficult season from a performance point of view, with a lack of power from the very first start of the season. We worked hard to secure a place in the top 3 for the 2nd season running with the F-44 Wave Dancer.

Will there be anything new on your boat or in your team this year? If Yes, which ones?

2024 is a new beginning. New owner, new engine-maker, new number. The team will remain more or less the same, but with 2 new additions to the team that will be a great boost.

What are your goals for 2024?

After 2 consecutive podiums, we can’t aim any lower, but we remain realistic. We have a lot of work to do if we are to be among the 3 fastest boats on the circuit. The plan is in place to close the gap with the best, and the 2024 objective is quite simply to become a threat in our category while maintaining the good consistency that has made us successful since 2022.


Scott LiddycoatCo-driver
Denys CharetteCrew chief
Derek DemersTeam member
Yannick AussantTeam member