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François Leroux

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Sherbrooke, QC
  • Hydro 350

H-447 MISS OMG - Pro Conduite

Dart/Primeau Performance


How would you rate your performance in 2023?

It went well. I had my first qualification win in Valleyfield, some great races in North Tonawanda and good speeds in Beauharnois. All in all, I’m satisfied with my season.

Will there be anything new on your boat or in your team this year? If so, which ones?

And yes, Martial Boyer will be my co-driver this year.

What are your goals for 2024?

Finish in the top 10 of the Hydro 350 class.


Martial BoyerCo-driver
Pierre HurteauCrew chief
Mathieu LerouxTeam member
Xavier LerouxTeam member
Félix LerouxTeam member
Maxime LerouxTeam member
Paul BlanchetteTeam member
Félix RousseauTeam member
Olivier CôtéTeam member
Claudia DucharmeTeam member
Paul BlanchetteTeam member
Yves PrimeauMotor
Kevin MessierTeam member