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Érika Bernier

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  • Novice

#76 Sweet Hurricane



2024 will mark your debut as an HRL driver. What are your expectations for this first year?

For my first year, I want to acquire the knowledge I need to master my boat both in practice and on the racetrack. I’m going to work to learn what my strengths are and what I need to work on as a driver. I’m looking forward to having fun and enjoying every moment on the circuit and in the pits, and with my brother driving the Thunderboat we’ll be able to share a common passion.


What drew you to the world of hydroplanes?

In 2023, I was lucky enough to be part of my brother Méderyk’s team in the Novice class. I spent my weekends in the pits with the whole team, I also took part in the launching of his boat and helped him get ready before going out on the water. I also had the chance to try out his boat, which got me hooked on the sport after Méderyk’s first season. I’ve come to realize that I too love the adrenaline rush of boat racing.


What does the name of your boat mean?

My boat is the Sweet Hurricane, because I’m a teenager who moves around a lot, rollerblading and cycling. I’m always outside the house. I have lots of friends, I’m super sociable and approachable. I love people, but I move air, so the hurricane represents me well, which led me to name my boat the Sweet Hurricane.


Jean-Pierre GuilletCrew chief
Karine D'AmoursTeam member and social medias
Jérémi PoirierTeam member & photographer
Méderyk GuilletTeam member
Mayka GuilletTeam member
Joel BernierTeam member