Bobby Kennedy at the wheel of the “F-135”

There are only 7 weeks left before the first round of the 80th edition of the Regates de Valleyfield and the race teams are currently preparing for the second leg of the 2018 season in Gananoque, Ontario, the 2 and June 3rd.

A few days before the event that will take place in the heart of the Thousand Islands, the Formula 2500 “Special TM” F-135 team has announced that Bobby Kennedy will replace lead driver Jeff Bernard at the Gananoque Regatta.

In addition, Owen Henderson, the son of the pilot and builder, will join this team that worked hard to repair the hull damage suffered at the Cambridge Regatta (Maryland). This boat is the former “Cannonball” of Donald Leduc.


Bobby King will present his new H-350

After narrowly missing the opening event of the season in Cambridge, Bobby King will launch his new Hydro 350 class boat at the Gananoque Regatta. The Michigan driver posted a photo of his new “H-242” on the road to the Thousand Islands on Wednesday morning on his Facebook page.


Tests for the “Miss New Zealand”

The engine builder for the “Miss New Zealand” GP-57 is to finalize the preparation of the 3 engines that will propel the Grand Prix class boat in the coming weeks. Starting in Gananoque till the 80th Valleyfield Regatta it is the New Zealander Jack Lupton who will drive the boat. Testing is scheduled for Thursday in Brockville, Ont., for the boat that Joe Sovie finished third with in the final in Cambridge.


Credits : Denis Bourbonnais / Journal St-François


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