GP-444 Cambridge 2017

Jeff Richards and Frank Richardson together again with a new “GP-444”

Denis Bourbonnais: Journal Saint-François – special collaboration

The GP-444 Grand Prix Valleyfield will live again next season in the Hydroplane Racing League with a new Frank Richardson owned boat built at Henderson’s workshop in Brockville, Ontario.

Robert Théorêt’s legacy in the boat racing world will be kept alive in 2020 when his long-time friends, Frank Richardson and Jeff Richards, will team up on the HRL circuit with a “state-of-the-art” hydroplane whose driving duties will be entrusted to Kent Henderson one of the best drivers in the sport of power boat racing.

“Richardson and Richards are back,” said Kim Richards, wife of Jeff Richards, confirming the return of the two veterans to a Grand Prix team that will be based at the family facilities in Ogdensburg, NY.

Frank Richardson who drove the “Grand Prix Valleyfield” GP-1988 for Robert Théorêt will be the owner of the new boat. He placed the order with the builder, Bert Henderson, who will work with James Auld on this new construction and set-up of the boat. Jeff Richards will be the Crew Chief of the new “GP-444”.

“The most exciting thing about this new adventure is that we have the honor of campaigning under the GP Valleyfield name. Many thanks to Thalia and Marc Théorêt. We are privileged, Frank Richardson and I, to continue Robert’s legacy for whom we drove for several years, “said Jeff Richards.

“The talented Kent Henderson will drive the new boat. We know his skills and Kent is happy to be part of a team that has confidence in him. We can not wait to see him shine on HRL race courses,” added the crew chief of the new” 444 “.

Kent Henderson won the 2.5 liter HRL Points Championship in 2011 and 2012. His list of achievements includes an HRL title in Hydro 350 (2018) as well as victories in this class in 2016 and 2017 au the Valleyfield Regatta.

Proclaimed best Hydroplane Racing League driver for the first 5 years of the HRL, from 2011 to 2016, Kent Henderson took the win in his first Grand Prix final in June 2018 at the Regates de Saint-Félicien. Husband of Cinnamon Hofhine, father of Kolin and Karter, the Brockville resident is ready for this new and exciting challenge.

Jeff Richards et famille