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The list of competitors will be somewhat different in the intense Hydro 350 class in 2020 in the Hydroplane Racing League.

An American family firmly rooted in the sport for more than 6 decades will be represented on the HRL circuit with the full-time presence of Joe Less who refitted his “Cents Less 14” to come and face the 20 registered in H-350 next season. A new capsule has been installed on the boat owned by the family from Grand Island, NY and “Little Joe”, who has made a few appearances at the North Tonawanda Regatta in recent years, has earned her place in the “big league”.

In the other changes, Derec Smith inherited the seat in the “Bad Influence” H-79 and he gave back the “Team H8 Cancer” H-13 to Regates de Valleyfield (HRL). H-79 owner Michael Grendell received two offers to sell the boat, including a proposal from Jean Théorêt, but he preferred to keep the boat with which Patrick Haworth won the American Summer National in 2017.

In addition, the “Super Nova” H-21 is now owned by François Leroux, a native Campivallensian who now lives in Sherbrooke. The 51-year-old construction carpenter supervisor will sport H-447 on his hydroplane and the name remains to be determined.

Depending on the fate of Martin Rochon (H-773), there would be two places available to reach 21 entries. Two candidates are on the grid to join the Hydro 350 class, the 2019 class 2.5 liter champion, Richard Wilhelm (S-404) and another driver in this class, Maxime Lemieux (S-912).


In the camp of the championship team for the 2017 season, “AllardMé” H-799, Nicolas Rousse will be back in the driver’s seat of a boat that has been restored from top to bottom at the Hydroplane Valleyfield workshop. In addition, Kent Henderson made a request for his “Team Toban” to change to H-519 instead of H-777, the same number as his brother Tyler Kaddatz in F-2500.

Jonathan Daoust, for his part, has postponed his project to make the jump to the Grand Prix class and he returns to H-350 with his “Water Ghost” H-15.

Here is the list of Hydro 350 participants for the 2020 season:


H-2 Miss Beauharnois Richard Haineault

H-4 Big Decision Erik Allard

H-5 Fly Boy Gary Chalfant

H-8 Michael Tremblay Last Minute Again

H-12 Pleasure Seeker Dylan Runne

H-14 Legacy 1 Donnie Allen

H-15 Water Ghost Jonathan Daoust

H-37 Shark Racing Bull Karl St-Vincent

H-52 Legacy 1 Hearn Team Paul Barber

H-79 Bad Influence Derec Smith

H-104 Patbershop Marc Lecompte

H-155 Zoomerang / Canadian Tire Mikael Leboeuf

H-242 LDC Construction Bobby King

H-300 Penzoil Andrew Tate

H-447 name ahead François Leroux

H-600 Cents Less 14 Jos Less

H-777 (or 519) Team Toban Kent Henderson

H-799 Nicolas Rousse



H-773 RTX Racing Martin Rochon

H-404 Richard Wilhelm

H-912 Maxime Lemieux


Available boats: H-13 – H-97 – H-44

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