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LAKEWOOD, NJ – Now GP Series hydroplane racers can win big with Jesel, posting $500 to win and $300 runner-up contingency cash for the 2018 season. All that is required to start cashing in is to run Jesel Shaft Rockers and display the Jesel decal on each side of the boat. A remarkable thing happens when you run Jesel Shaft Rockers – you improve your valvetrain reliability, and you start winning. Where Jesel posts contingency in NHRA drag racing, 70% of the winners run Jesel rockers! Jesel Valvetrain Innovation products have been dominating racing for more than 35 years in NHRA, NASCAR and world endurance racing such as Le Mans. Its shaft rocker systems are race-proven in nitro and alcohol engines that open the exhaust valves against 10,000psi of cylinder pressure. They handle the extreme rpm of NHRA Pro Stock and the durability required for NASCAR 500-mile races. With literally hundreds of O.E. and aftermarket cylinder head applications, Jesel can custom tailor a set of rockers for your race engine. For more information go to

The Hydroplane Racing League is recognized as the leader in professional boat racing in North America, and is considered one of the most attractive live event properties for the coveted boating enthusiast. Period! With events primarily in the upper east coast of the United States and Canada, the Hydroplane Racing League has garnered attention world-wide by showcasing some of the best racers in a setting that is unlike any other in action sport or motorsport. The HRL GP Series is the premier class of the Hydroplane Racing League, with over 1400 horsepower and speeds exceeding 150mph the Grand Prix class is what the fans wait all day to see! The partnership with Jesel will up the adrenaline as the 11 drivers will be gunning for the 6 spots in the final heat of the weekend, giving them the chance to walk away with an extra $500.00 for the top step of the podium, and $300.00 for falling one short!

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