Denis Bourbonnais |

Despite all the accidents that occurred at the Long Sault Regatta (Ontario) on June 8th and 9th, only a few will be few absent at the 3rd race of the season in the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) in Saint-Félicien, Lac Saint-Jean.

Three racing teams will not be in attendance on the 22nd and 23rd of June because of the damage to their hulls. Namly, the “Penzoil” H-300, which made a flip with Andrew Tate at the controls in Hydro 350, as well as Jean-François Latour’s “Joker” S-8 and “Graf-X” S-6 driven by Yves Villeneuve in the 2.5L class.

In the case of Jean-François Latour, he suffered a broken toe and a slight concussion in the impact with Yves Villeneuve’s boat which hooked in front of the “Joker” at Long Sault. Latour lost one of his sponsons in the collision and hopes to return for the Regates de Valleyfield.

Another hydroplane that was damaged in Long Sault, Scott Liddycoat’s “SLR Racing” F-63, will not be in Saint-Félicien, but the team in 4th place in the Formula 2500 standings will be represented at the event. Under the new regulations adopted by the HRL, Liddycoat was able to reach an agreement with Guillaume Charette who will be in Saint-Félicien with Derek Anderson’s F-16 boat. The points accumulated over the weekend by Charette at the wheel of the boat whose first outing was scheduled for Valleyfield will be credited to the “F-63”.

Also in the Formula 2500 class everything indicates that John Shaw will make the trip to Saint-Félicien to drive the “F-33” of Doug Martin after largely contributing to the repairs in Brockville at Bert Henderson’s Workshop. Ditto for Tom Huganir and Steve Armstrong’s “Busted Prop Racing” F-69, which was restored at the same workshop following the severe collision with the “F-33” inLong Sault.

In Hydro 350, Ghislain Marcoux will be able to reconnect with Michael Grendell’s “Bad Influence” H-79, the boat having been repaired since the spectacular flight of the Saint-Zotique driver in Long Sault. Two other boats will not be in the pits in Saint-Félicien, Gary Chalfant’s “H-5” in which Chris Ritz was involved in a collision in Cambridge, Maryland, and the “Lone Ranger” S-49 ( 2.5 L) by Ryan Slate, who spoke about a previously planned family duty.

In the Grand Prix class, it is hoped that Jim Martin and his driver Tony Black will show up with the “GP-43”, which would bring the number of entries to 11. New Zealand brothers Ken Lupton (GP- 577) and Jack Lupton (GP-57) will add to the international dimension of the Régates de Saint-Félicien.

In the championship, the Jack Lupton / Joe Sovie tandem is 3rd with a 54 points behind Mathieu Daoust’s “Miss Cleopatra” GP-9 (88 points) and the GP-777 “Steeler” led by Jimmy King (71 points) , Brandon Kennedy / Marc Théorêt (GP-25, 46 points) and Douglas Rapp (GP-79, 44 points).

In Hydro 350, Kent Henderson (H-777) leads with 197 points ahead of Nicolas Rousse (H-799, 193 points), Yannick Léger (H-21, 172 points), Donny Allen (H-14, 168 points) and Dylan Runne (H-12, 167 points).

Bobby King (H-92) took the lead in the Formula 2500 standings with 197 points ahead of Tyler Kaddatz (F-519, 164 points), Max Acierno (F-3, 162 points), Scott Liddycoat (F -63, 147 points) and Tom Huganir / Steve Armstrong (F-69, 136 points).

In the 2.5-liter class, the “Top 5” consists of Derek / Dominic Demers (S-44, 194 points), Richard Wilhelm (S-404, 182 points), Ryan Slate (S-49, 148 points) Yves Villeneuve (S-6, 121 points) and Alex Tremblay (S-29, 87 points).