GP-101 Fat Chance Too Photo : William J. Wright

Eric Langevin and Andrew Tate dominated the Grand Prix heats at the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL) event that took place in Gananoque, Ontario, on Saturday.

Both drivers came out victorious in each of the two races they participated in during the first day of competition. Bad weather forced the cancellation of the qualifying rounds and the finals scheduled on Sunday.

In the Grand Prix class, Eric Langevin took the GP-12 Long Shot to its first win, capitalizing on Bert Henderson’s tentative start aboard the GP-777 Steeler EMS. The racer from Mercier reached the finish line in front of two other Quebeckers, Mathieu Daoust (GP-9) and Pierre Maheu (GP-50).

The result was the same on Langevin’s second start, when he finished in front of Mario Blain (GP-757), from McMasterville. The winner registered the second fastest time of the day for the GP class: 2 min 33 s, 30 for the four laps on the one-mile track.

Andrew Tate, from Michigan, also saw the checkered flag be waved for him twice behind the wheel of the GP-101 Fat Chance Too. Tom Pakradooni (GP-88), from Pennsylvania, came second in the 1C heat, while Bert Henderson, from Brockville (Ontario), was just behind Tate in the 2A heat. Tate was the fastest of the day (2 min 24 s, 56). Marty Wolfe and his GP-93 Renegade, from Crete (Illinois), won the other two races.

In the 2.5 litre class, Samuel Tremblay also scored a double victory aboard the S-5, winning first in front of Steve Armstrong (S-55), and then Claude Abbott (S-67). Sébastien Leduc (S-100), who took his very first victory, and Steve Armstrong were the winners of the other heats.

In Hydro 350, three drivers from Quebec – Nicolas Rousse (H-225), Rémy Leblanc (H-799) and Richard Haineault (H-2) – lead their qualifying races, while Jimmy King (H-12) won heat 1C in front of Samuel Pagé-Morin (H-16).

Rob Stevenson (F-10), from Ontario and Bobby King (F-242), from Michigan, scored two victories each in the Formula 2500 class. The defending champion, Donald Leduc (F-1) and Yves Villeneuve (F-6), both from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, finished in 2nd and 4th position.


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