The Regates de Valleyfield Organization is proud to announce its new partnership with Eric McKenna and his new challenge in the HRL hydroplane-racing league.

The young Campivallensien moves up to the H-350 class with Norm Ensbury’s old H-99 one of the most competitive boats on the circuit.

Last September in Beauharnois at the last HRL championship race he had the opportunity as a driver to try a H-350 and as you can imagine he got the bug.

McKenna elaborates. “ What I liked when I tried the boat was the space in the cockpit, the visibility but especially the power of the engine. The reaction is immediate when you push on the gas pedal. As a driver I always strive to improve and I think that I can achieve this goal in the H-350 class.”

While he had a good rookie year and excellent aptitudes in the 2.5L class showing constant progression the HRL committee expects that he will proceed gradually with his apprenticeship during the 2017 season.

However, having been mentioned in the Rookie of the Year category at the recent HRL Championship Gala he can expect to perform well within the fleet of this ever-competitive class.

Also, Norm Ensbury remains available as an independent driver on the 2017 HRL circuit. As for McKenna’s S-999, it is available to anyone interested……….a very competitive boat for anyone wanting to make their debut in the hydroplane world!


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