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Considered as the Nascar of Hydroplane racing, the competitive Hydro350 class will consist of 24 registered boats and probably 15 teams capable of winning heats.

First of all, Nicolas Rousse has decided to withdraw from racing.  Martin Rochon returns as he will be back in the class that was known as 5 Litres, then became Hydro 350. Todd Liddycoat (H-97) will drive the former H-396 this summer.  It is with this hull that Mathieu Daoust had so much success a couple of years ago.  One of the favourites, Donny Allen (H-14) will be in the driver’s seat of a brand new Henderson hull.  If the team lead by James Sobol is able to have a good set up with the new boat, they will probably be a strong contender for the Championship.

Breaking news, we learned that Bertrand Dulude will be back in competition since he made an agreement with Jean-Guy Leboeuf  (H-155) to drive a couple of weekends this summer.

Also this summer we should see Bobby King (F-242) make his debut with a new Jamie Auld hull.  It will be very interesting to see if he will be able to challenge his dad Jimmy when the two will be side by side.

After he took over for Sylvain Dorais at the beginning of the 2017 season, Yannick Léger will be back this year with the same hull but with his old number 21 he raced under before his short lived retirement.The H-300 class will have a new driver this year Bobby Kennedy.Finally, the Formula 2500 current champion Doug Rapp, will replace Patrick Haworth driving the H-79 and Gary Chalfant will start his first complete season in the HRL.

That was the latest news in the Hydro 350 class.



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